Little John Nee Can Pick Them! by Daithí Ramsay

I was sitting in the theatre cafe one lunchtime enjoying the lovely food and chatting away to Little John Nee, who had popped in to eat as he often does when he’s in town, and he asked what shows we had coming up. I reeled off the list of upcoming Drama and John nodded along ‘good, good, that’s a fine show, good, good jeez it’s a fine season you have there’* Then I got to Fishamble and Pat Kinevane’s Silent and John became visibly animated, ‘That’s one of the best theatre shows ever, everyone should go see that’.

Now one of the things I believe about selling a show is you can sell anything if you’re passionate enough about it. We all can get carried away by other people’s passions from time to time, I remember standing in the queue at Milford Garda Station chatting to a fella who was passionate about vintage tractors and it rubbed off on me so much that for a week or two so was I. So I knew that when it came to writing about the show in our new magazine, An Grianán Extra, rather than me, who hasn’t seen it, taking up all the words I’d be a sight better off getting John to, and he was good enough to do just that, so here’s what he wrote:

‘I am delighted to be asked to tell you about Pat Kinevane’s “Silent” for I can say with certainty that if you go to see the show on the basis of my recommendation you will be eternally grateful to me. To put it very simply Pat Kinevane is one of my favourite writers and performers on the whole planet, I come away from his shows simultaneously entertained, inspired and humbled and the world is always a richer place as I travel home; only great theatre can do that; it’s rare don’t miss it!’

And so what’s the point of this post when the show hasn’t been on yet and I haven’t seen it yet either? Well this week it was nominated for an Olivier Award! the British Theatre Oscars as it’s often referred to, a rare honour for an Irish play. It qualifies because of its run in London last year. So, you know, if Little John Nee tells you a horse is a good horse, I’d suggest putting a few bob on it …

So, what you now should do is book to see Silent when it’s here at An Grianán Theatre on Thursday 28th April, here’s the link to book too Silent By Pat Kinevane booking link


*my apologies to John for any liberties taken in my representation of him chatting, I’m claiming artistic licence!

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