Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain

Written by the American playwright Richard Greenberg and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1998, Three Days of Rain is a humorous and touching play about family and parenthood, and how the private worlds of one generation are reinterpreted by the next.

Considered by many to be one of the finest American plays of recent years, Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain makes its An Grianán debut courtesy of Disappear Here Theatre.

Based in both Dublin and Donegal, Disappear Here Theatre was established in 2016 by Michael McLaughlin, Fiach Kunz and Lisa Tyrrell. Their objective is to create thought provoking, exciting, original work and to present the best of contemporary international writing.

Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain is a haunting, clever, humorous and deeply touching drama that explores love, infidelity, fate, genius, madness and how easily we can misinterpret the past.

The first act takes place in an abandoned Manhattan loft in 1995. Walker, who disappeared a year ago following the death of his father Ned Janeway, is reunited with his sister Nan and their childhood friend Pip for the reading of Ned’s will. Walker discovers his father’s journal and as history unravels, questions are asked, dark secrets are revealed and harsh opinions are formed.

In the second act, we are transported back in time to 1960 where the same actors play the role of one their parents; Ned, Lina and Theo. The truth about motives and relationships are revealed as we discover the inspiration behind this architectural dynasty and we find out what really happened during those Three Days of Rain.

About the cast

Michael McLaughlin is an actor who originally hails from Donegal. He completed his training in the Applied Art of Acting programme. Stage roles include Tadhg McCabe in ‘The Field’ and Perchik in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. He has appeared in a number of short films and his second feature film ‘Night people’ was released in Autumn 2015. Michael is also a producer and director; in 2016 he debuted with his short film ‘Atlantic Roar’ which was shot on location in Inishowen, and he is currently in pre-production on ‘The Claw’, a surreal period drama set in a 1980’s video arcade.

Fiach Kunz hails from Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. Fiach trained at the ‘Applied Art of Acting’ and has just graduated from the Programme at Bow Street Screen Acting Academy. Theatre work comprises of ‘Such Sweet Things’ at Smock Alley and ‘In Arabia we’d all be Kings’ in The Players Theatre. Fiach’s screen work includes over 20 short films such as ‘IRIS’ and ‘Flame Aim’. He has appeared in four feature films, notably ‘LIFT’ (2016) in which he co-starred with Gerard McSorley and ‘Blue Dawn’, which is due for release in 2017. Fiach’s television work includes HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

Lisa Tyrrell is a Dublin based actress who completed her training in the Applied Art of Acting in December 2014. Since then, Lisa has continued to develop her craft by taking workshops and studying the acting techniques of Stanislavski and Chekhov. Lisa has appeared in two feature films and a number of short films including, ‘The Sad Ones’, ‘Closing Time’, ‘IRIS’ and ‘Urban Traffic’. Her television work includes ‘Ripper Street’ (Season 4). Lisa played Dr. Campbell in ‘Absolute Beginners’ at Smock Alley Theatre in 2016 and Frankie in ‘RISK’ presented in The New Theatre as part of the 2016 Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

Three Days of Rain
Saturday 8 October 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: €15/€12
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