Manny Man Does the History of Ireland – Free Online Screening

Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage Online - streaming 19 to 25 October 2020

Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage Online - streaming 19 to 25 October 2020

We are making our production of John D Ruddy’s Manny Man Does The History of Ireland On Stage available to watch free online from Monday 19th through Sunday 25th October.

Based on his series of books and hit YouTube videos this stage show features Syn and Oppy as they race through Irish history with illustrated cut-outs and craziness. From the Ice Age all the way to Ireland today and all in less than 80 minutes, with the same tongue-in-cheek humour Manny Man is known for. When it comes to fun history, Manny Man is your only man!

While the show will be free for the public to watch, the actors involved, John D Ruddy and Lousie Conaghan, will be paid as if this was a normal run in the theatre.

‘It’s even more important to support our artists in this time. Arts and Entertainment workers have been some of the worst hit by this pandemic.’ explained Patricia McBride, Director of An Grianán Theatre. ‘We have also put in place a number of other initiatives to support artists from the North West, with a fantastic response to our Let’s Make Some Noise Bursaries and we’ll be announcing the winners of those very soon. There is clearly a wealth of talent in the North West and we want to make sure that it’s still here, and thriving, after this pandemic is over. Supporting local artists has always been at the heart of what we do, and I’m delighted that we now have more time, and money to focus on helping people develop their shows and their work.’

There will also be more live streams of shows from An Grianán’s stage to come, before the end of the year, as An Grianán adapts to this new normal.

‘The question for us is’ said Marketing Manager, Daithí Ramsay ‘that okay the doors are closed. Now how do we make work, and how do we get it to our audiences? And how quickly can we do it?

‘And online seems the best fit for that at this stage of the restrictions, and as things open up again we’ll be ready with shows on the stage too. Before the level 3 restrictions came in we had had a couple of very successful shows to socially distanced audiences in the auditorium. So we expect that that’s how we’ll be opening up again when we get back to level 2, but we can’t sit around and wait for that so we’re busy getting work ready, and rearranging it for filming’.

To see the recording of this show go to anytime between Monday 19th and Sunday 25th October and sign up for your free tickets.

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