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ID: watercolour flowers in pastel shades of pink, red, orange and yellow surround the title text The Secret Garden - An Grianán Youth Theatre.

The Secret Garden

Presented by An Grianán Youth Theatre When a garden’s kept proper, all weeded and neat, that chases the wild away. But when it’s left alone, for nature, who knows what secret things’d grow there…. In Jessica Swale’s richly imagined adaptation of Hodgson Burnett’s much loved classic, we follow the fortunes of Mary as her ice […]

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An Grianán Youth Theatre present A Vampire Story

A Vampire Story

“People will always believe the most fabulous tale you can tell. It’s the one that they secretly long for. It must be unprovable, impossible, fantastical. To believe it then becomes an act of faith…” An Grianán Youth Theatre present their first full length production since 2020’s Bugsy Malone. Two young women arrive in a nameless

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