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An Grianán Youth Theatre Intensive

Monday August 22, 2022
Left to right: Maeve Foley, Ryan Cunningham, Praise Adetuyi, Tadhg Brennan, Niamh Langan, Christopher Kilmartin and Kayleigh Gallagher Kenny in An Grianan Youth Theatre's The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. April 2018. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.
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Monday August 22, 10:00am
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Special Info:
Mon 22 to Fri 26 August 2022, 10am to 3pm

Our autumn production with our senior youth theatre is Moira Buffini’s A Vampire Story which we’ll be performing during midterm break on Wed 2 November.

To get the ball rolling on rehearsals we are running a 5 day intensive rehearsal summer school at the end of August.

A maximum of 20 places are available on this summer intensive. Following that we’ll be holding weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evenings.

Content Advisory
A Vampire Story is a young adult play that contains references to prostitution, mental illness and eating disorders. Please don’t apply to the summer school if you think you will find these topics too difficult or upsetting.

About A Vampire Story
A Vampire Story was written for the UK’s National Theatre Connections youth theatre programme in 2008. It has been performed by schools and youth theatres all over the world.

The eldest, Claire, takes a job in a pub. The youngest, Eleanor, goes to school. During a truth exercise in her Drama class, Eleanor confesses that she has been alive for over two hundred years and has survived by drinking human blood. Her classmates think she is utterly crazy and Mint, her teacher, puts her in touch with the school counsellor. She makes one friend, Frank, a boy who has been home educated and is as much of an oddity as Eleanor. He tries to get to the bottom of her vampire delusion, thinking it an epic and compelling psychosis. Why would anyone want to be undead? Frank’s parents believe that Eleanor is an anorexic – why does she never eat? Eleanor has started to write her life story as a play. She describes Claire’s background as a prostitute in 19th century London and her own as a child in a private orphanage. Meanwhile, things are falling apart. People are disappearing. Are Eleanor and Claire vampires? Or are they troubled young women on the run?

In 2012, A Vampire Story was adapted to become the horror film Byzantium with Saoirse Ronan playing Eleanor.

About the author
Born in England to Irish parents, Moira Buffini is an multi-award winning playwright. In an interview with about A Vampire Story Moira says she writes plays for young people and wants them to be able to stage them with absolutely minimal resources. ‘All you need is a potato peeler,’ the playwright smirks. ‘A potato peeler and a pint of blood.’

Cast Size
11 female, 6 male, 2 male or female

Summer Intensive Dates
Mon 22 to Fri 26 August 2022

10am to 3pm (lunch 12 to 1pm)

We’re back in An Grianán Theatre this term and will be using the main stage for the summer school.

Facilitator and director
Nora Kavanagh

Trainee facilitator
Laramie Carey

Our annual membership fee is €120.


Who is this workshop suitable for?
This summer school is suitable for young people ages 14 to 18 who want to join An Grianán Youth Theatre AND perform in our autumn production. Previous acting experience would be beneficial but not essential.

What if I want to join An Grianán Youth Theatre but don’t feel ready to perform yet/don’t want to be in this show?
Join our waiting list and we’ll be in touch later in the summer when we finalise arrangements for our autumn term.

I’m 19. Can I still join?
Yes. We’re flexible.

I’m 13. Can I still join?
Some of the material in the play is not particularly suitable for children. If your parent/guardian is comfortable with the play we would consider you.

I’m 12. Can I still join?
No – consider joining our junior youth theatre classes instead.

What is the rehearsal schedule?
After our one week intensive we’ll have weekly rehearsals on Wednesdays evenings in the theatre. As we get closer to the production we might fit in some additional rehearsals at the weekend.

When is the performance?
Dress/Tech rehearsal Tues 1 Nov
Performance: Wed 2 November
You need to be available for these dates.

Do I have to buy the script?
We’ll be providing printed copies of the script free of charge.

Anything else I need to know?
You’ll have to fill in a registration form where you will inform us of any medical/physical issues we should know about (only things that might affect your participation such as allergies, asthma, etc), your consent for photos/video as well as GDPR requirements. Your parent/legal guardian will have to sign this also.

I still have questions. Can you help?
Send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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