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Earagail Arts Festival: Strada Street Theatre Workshop

Monday July 11, 2022
Strada Street Theatre Workshop with Adrian Schvarzstein (Kamchátka)
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Monday July 11, 2:00pm
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ages 18+

with Adrian Schvarzstein (Kamchátka)

Monday 11th July, 2pm – 5pm
Tuesday 12th July – Thursday 14th July, 10am – 3pm

An introduction to the practical work and preparation of street theatre for aspiring, semi-pro or amateur clown, theatre, dance or performance artists (over 18 years of age) facilitated by the award-winning comedian, actor, circus and street theatre director Adrian Schvarzstein.

This four-day workshop programme will offer the participant an understanding of street theatre and theatrical settings which bring together actor, spectator and public space.

Exploring the use of body, language and movement, improvisation, space and acoustics, as well as individual and group work, the workshops will demonstrate how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the street, how to transform something unusual into something special, new and magical, and how to turn the street into a resource that works in favour of the performance.

Adrian spends his life avidly accumulating experiences, he also acts and sings in operas and baroque music companies. Since his days working with the Belgian Circus Ronaldo, he has created Circus Klezmer, his solo Green Man walkabout show and the award-winning Kamchátka, a theatre group based on the theme of migration with one important aim: to make the spectator a highly amused participant. Chaos, surprise and provocative innocence, are just some of the tools Adrian Schvarzstein has used to triumph in theatre and festivals all over the world, from Ireland to Cameroon, Spain to South Korea.

This event is part of the Earagail Arts Festival, 16 days of music, theatre, visual arts, film, literature, circus & carnival on Ireland’s North West Atlantic seaboard 9 to 24 July 2022.

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