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Sound! Festival opening concert: Music and Movies

Thursday April 27, 2023
Donegal Chamber Orchestra. Photo by John Soffe.
Show Date & Time:
Thursday April 27, 7:00pm
Ticket Price:

€15, 4 for €50

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To open the new Sound! Festival the Donegal Chamber Orchestra will present a concert of well known classical music melodies used in iconic films as well as popular movie music, joined by guests on piano, percussion, local choirs and tango dancers.

The concert will feature music from Hollywood classics such as ‘The Mission’, ‘Amadeus’, ‘Titanic’ as well as Disney favourites old and new.

Founded in 2006, the Donegal Chamber Orchestra is one of Donegal Music Education Partnership’s ensembles. It is led by Hungarian violinist Orsolya Szabó-Yélamo and conducted by Spanish musician Víctor Yélamo.

Sound! Film Festival, 27 – 30 April 2023

Sound! is a new weekend-long event, presented by Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny in partnership with An Grianán Theatre, that celebrates the art of music and sound in film, via a series of film screenings, live performances, workshops and interactive events.

Sound is an integral part of cinema, yet all too often it goes unrecognised and undervalued. Giving the sounds of cinema their time in the limelight, this unique event is dedicated to celebrating the craft and artistry behind the cinematic soundscapes which immerse, inspire and captivate viewers.

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