Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 2019

An Grianán Youth Theatre's  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland performed at Glenveagh National Park for Cruinniu na nOg.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
in a site specific version devised by the students of An Grianán Youth Theatre from the original novel by Lewis Carroll.
Performed at Glenveagh National Park, Sat 15 June 2019 for Cruinniú na nOg.

Set in the beautiful gardens of Glenveagh Castle, this promenade style show was been devised by youth theatre members with director Nora Kavanagh, and featured many of Lewis Carroll’s memorable characters while incorporating elements from Glenveagh’s history to create a Donegal Wonderland. The three hour long performance featured a mixture of art installations, character walkabouts and live performances.


Chapter 1: Down The Rabbit Hole – at the Car Park/Visitors’ Centre Art (sound Installation & character walkabout)

Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears – in the swimming pool by the Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 3: The Caucus Race and a Long Tale – at the sundial in the Walled garden (1pm performance)

Chapter 4: The Rabbit Sends a Little Bill – The Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 5: Advice From a Caterpillar – at the View Garden (1.30pm performance)

Chapter 6: Pig and Pepper – in the Walled Garden (character walkabout)

Chapter 7: A Mad Tea-Party – in the Pleasure Grounds (performance 2pm)

Chapter 8: The Queen’s Croquet Ground – in the Tuscan Gardens (performance 2.30pm)

Chapter 9: The Mock Turtle’s Story in the Thyme Out Cafe

Chapter 10: Lobster Quadrille – in the courtyard outside the cafe (performance 3pm)

Chapter 11: Who Stole The Tarts? – in the Tuscan garden’s during Queen’s Croquet (character walkabout 2.30pm)

Chapter 12: Alice’s Evidence – in the Italian Terrace (performance 3.30pm)


Iga Blaszyk
Laramie Carey
Ciara Chernick
Elisha Devlin
Inan Ekici
Laura Foy
Kayleigh Gallagher
Jasper Kardos
Niamh Langan
Orla Lloyd
Saoirlaith Lusson
Megan Lynch
Amy McClintock
Patrick McCormack
Karina McGettigan
Mya McLaughlin
Maiya McMonagle
Ellen McMurrow
Angelique Mourier
Lucy Muldoon
Shauna O’Donnell
Jade Ormond
Aaron Quinn
Alanna Sweeney
Erinn Sweeney
Niamh Wilkin
Shannen Wilkin

Production Team

Director: Nora Kavanagh
Dramaturg: Kerri Lammas
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Set/Prop Design: Robert Attewell
Costume Design: Annemarie Kilfeather
Technical Team: Annemarie Langan, Fergal Lonergan, Nora Kavanagh, Kerri Lammas

Marketing/ P.R : Daithi Ramsay, Nicola Burns
Photography/Videography: Nicola Burns, Daithi Ramsay, Emory Ramsay
Programme Design & Illustration: Nicola Burns

Project supported by An Grianán Theatre, Donegal County Library, Donegal County Council and Creative Ireland.

Special thanks to Therese, Sean and all the staff at Glenveagh National Park for their warm and accommodating welcome. Thank you to Donegal County Council for supporting this project and to Grove Furnishings and Studio 2 for assistance with props and costumes.


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