Blackadder Goes Forth, 2017

An Grianán Youth Theatre's Blackadder Goes Forth, July 2017. Photo by Rik Walton.

An Grianán Youth Theatre

Presented by An Grianán Theatre in association with Earagail Arts Festival

Thurs 6 to Sat 8 July 2017

It’s 1917. Captain Edmund Blackadder finds himself deep in the trenches of World War 1 at the mercy of the patently insane General Melchett. Determined to avoid being sent ‘over the top’ to certain death, he devises a number of outlandish schemes to try and escape the frontlines, all with the less than able assistance of his colleagues – the overly enthusiastic Lieutenant George and the doggedly stupid Private Baldrick. Meanwhile his main obstacle for escape remains Captain Darling, who is equally determined that Blackadder be present for the big push.

Side splittingly funny, Blackadder Goes Forth brilliantly blends light comedy with gallows humour while delivering a poignant message on the futility of war.

Adapted for the stage by Fergal Lonergan and based on the original TV series by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. Directed by John D Ruddy. By kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions. Supported by Donegal County Council.


Captain Blackadder – Fergal Lonergan
Private Baldrick – Joseph Gallagher
Lieutenant George – Ronan McGrath
Captain Darling – Oscar Murtagh
General Melchett – Adam Boyle
Corporal Perkins – Jasper Kardos
Sergeant Jones – Kieron Clarke
Private Tipplewick – Sarah Masterson/Laramie Carey
Private Robinson – Callum Connolly Galway
Private Fraser – Ryan McKelvey
Sir Douglas Haig – Ryan McKelvey
Lord Flasheart – Emory Ramsay
Baron von Richthofen – Kai McHugh


Directed by John D Ruddy
Adapted by Fergal Lonergan
Stage Manager – Jude Barriscale
Lighting Design – Angel Humm
Sound Design – Lee Russell
Costume Design – Annemarie Kilfeather
Set Design & construction – Niall Cranney, Robert Attewell with
assistance from the youth theatre
Music performed by Emory Ramsay
Production Photography – Rik Walton
Publicity photos – Paul McGuckin, Annemarie Kilfeather
Graphic Design – Nicola Burns
Youth theatre technical mentors: Niall Cranney and Peter Rose
Project co-ordinator: Nicola Burns

With thanks to Traolach O’Fionnain, Donegal County Council Arts Office, Earagail Arts Festival, Guy Barriscale, Balor Arts Centre, Fiona McDaid, Pluincead O’Fearraigh, Jonathan Burgess, Eoghan MacGiolla Bhrighde, Mourne Antiques, and Josie at Curiosity Corner.

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