Red Riding Hood, 2000

Eric Lacey in Paul Boyd's Red Riding Hood, Christmas 2000.

Original book, music and lyrics by Paul Boyd

Directed by Zoë Seaton

Mon 18 Dec 2000 to Sat 13 January 2001

Once upon a time was not that long ago… A lone gypsy caravan stops at the edge of a dark forest, and under the light of a full moon, a small family of travellers gathers around the campfire to tell magical stories. But the sound of the wolves howling from deep within the forest reminds them of the famous tale of one of their ancestors, a mysterious young girl in a red hood who came to defeat the most sharp witted and terrifying of animals…

Join the small band of gypsies as they bring the story of Red Riding Hood to life, creating countless characters in a tale cleverly told with unforgettable music and just a touch of gypsy magic. A visual feast, based on one of the world’s oldest and most popular stories, where once a upon a time was not so long ago…


Scarlet – Brenda Brooks
Louis – Karl O’Neill
Rose – Mary McNally
William – Eric Lacey
Jacob – Paul McGlinchey


Writer/Composer – Paul Boyd
Producer – Patricia McBride
Stage Manager – Mike Burke
Production Manager – Niall Cranney
Lighting Designer – John Riddell
Set Design & Construction – Guy Barriscale
Costume Designer – Deirdre McGinley Ramsay
Costume Assistant – Katherine Anne Doherty
Poster Design – Alan Reid Design
Programme Design – Paul Marley Graphics

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