The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, 2018

Alanna Sweeney and Laura Foy in An Grianan Youth Theatre's The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. April 2018. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.

An Grianán Youth Theatre followed up their well received production of Blackadder Goes Forth with this thrilling and funny adaptation of Joan Aiken’s classic children’s novel, perfectly suited for family audiences.

Performance dates: 12 & 13 April 2018

Written By Joan Aiken
Adapted by Russ Tunney
Directed by Nora Kavanagh

On the face of it things are looking up for impoverished orphan Sylvia. She’s just been invited to go and live with her rich cousin Bonnie at the family’s ancestral home at Willoughby Chase. However the dastardly Miss Slighcarp, newly installed as the girls’ governess, plans to make Willoughby Chase her own and hatches a wicked plan to get rid of the two girls. Together with their friend Simon the girls set off on a wild adventure across a wintry England as they battle to outwit Slighcarp and her evil henchman Grimshaw and reclaim Willoughby Chase.

Originally written as a spoof of the Victorian Gothic adventures that Joan Aiken read as a child, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a funny and exciting adventure story set in Aiken’s alternative version of 19th century England, where wolves roam the land. It’s full of larger than life Dickensian villains, mysterious plot twists and as ever with the best young adult stories, brave and resourceful children.


Jasper Lee Kardos – James/Simon

Alanna Sweeney – Bonnie

Shannen Wilkin – Miss Slighcarp

Laura Foy – Sylvia

Adam Boyle – Mr Grimshaw/Abednego Gripe/Mrs Brisket

Fergal Lonergan – Sir Willoughby/Doctor Field/Dr Morne/Mr Wilderness/Storyteller

Tadhg Brennan – Wolf/Chorus/Guard

Ryan Cunningham – Wolf/Chorus

Maeve Foley – Wolf/Chorus/Emma/Aunt Jane

Kayleigh Gallagher Kenny – Wolf/Chorus

Praise Adetuyi – Wolf/Chorus

Niamh Langan – Wolf/Chorus

Christopher Kilmartin  – Wolf/Chorus

Paul Gillespie – Musical Director/Cellist

Production Team

Amy McClintock – Production Assistant

Oscar Murtagh – Production Assistant

Eoin O’Donnell – Production Assistant

Nora Kavanagh – Director

Niall Cranney – Production Manager/Lighting Designer

Tanya McLaughlin – Stage Manager

Jude Barriscale – Assistant Stage Manager

Pete Rose – Sound Technician

Anne-Marie Kilfeather – Costume

Robert Attewell – Set/Prop Designer

Jacob Stack: Poster Illustration

Nicola Burns: Graphic Design

Paul McGuckin: Production Photography

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