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Julie Jay – Oops This is Toxic

Friday June 30, 2023
Julie Jay - Oops This is Toxic
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Friday June 30, 8:00pm
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€20, 4 for €70

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Special Info:
NB: ages 16+, subject matter includes mental health and misogyny.

“A joy to watch” JOANNE MCNALLY

“The brightest, funniest thing I’ve seen for a long, long time” TOMMY TIERNAN

As a fellow early eighties Sagittarius, comedian Julie Jay’s life has had a lot of parallels with Britney Spears: Britney was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, Julie was a member of the Poetry Club; Britney can sing like an angel, Julie was the only hearing child in her class of 30 who didn’t make the Confirmation Choir. They both had their mental health struggles. 
This is a nostalgia fest for anyone who has ever dropped to that Hit Me Baby beat, for anyone who came of age against the backdrop of nineties/noughties misogyny, for anyone who has wanted to be defined by their moments of joy rather than their moments of pain. 

*Warning: this show may contain images of nineties and noughties fashion which some audience members may find upsetting.

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