Night two of the Letterkenny One Act Festival 2016

Here are tonight’s plays for the second night of the Letterkenny One Act Festival. First play begins at 7.30pm. Tickets available on the door.

Bangor Drama Club, Bangor

A Galway Girl
By Geraldine Aron

Maisie – Clare Mc Kelvey
Dermot – Sean Greer
Producer/Director Patrick Grimshaw
Lighting:- Patrick Grimshaw
Sound:- Olive Mc Dermott
Setting Ireland / London
Period 1950 /60’s

Synopsis: ‘Set in Ireland and London during the 1950s and 1960s, A Galway Girl involves a couple, Maisie and Dermot, talking about their married life. They seldom communicate with one another, choosing instead to disclose their ideas direct to the audience. Yet this seems somehow appropriate for a couple who seem totally incompatible with one another. Maisie, a well-brought up village girl, is close to her mother and very much concerned with outward appearance; Dermot thinks of himself as working-class and proud of it – although perpetually justifying his actions, especially after he has had a jar or three.’
Bangor Drama Club began in 1935 when a group of theatre loving people got together each week to read plays. This naturally progressed to putting on their first productions in 1938, and the club hasn’t looked back since. The club has produced almost every type of play, from Shakespeare to farce, high drama to light comedy and everything in-between. Currently the club is in its third building: Studio 1A on the Hamilton Road and is undergoing renovation work to turn it into a modern and welcoming theatre space for its members, audiences, and guests.

No Drama Theatre, Dublin

By Jonathan Shortall

Frank – Declan Ryan
Donna – Kate Cosgrave
Titania – Charlotte Keating
Winston – Malcolm Bolton

Producer Louise Dunne
Director/ Sound/ Lighting Jonathan Shortall
Synopsis:- The rain hammers down. Parts of the puzzle are starting to slot into place, but are the clues all they seem? The pieces are moving on the board, but is everyone playing the same game? Somebody is dead, stabbed through the heart. Somebody is running from the law, looking for a saviour. Somebody is out for revenge, relentlessly tracking their prey. Somebody doesn’t see why this couldn’t all wait till the morning. But Frank O’Hara is on the scene, and that means someone’s body on the floor.
No Drama Theatre: Initially founded on in 2008, No Drama has grown immeasurably since its conception. 8 years on and the group has held hundreds of diverse weekly drama workshops, various full productions and showcases, and appeared on the bills of numerous festivals. No Drama aims to nurture its members by creating a welcoming and easy-going environment; all the while encouraging them to be all that they can be. It is the passion of its members that drives the momentum and this momentum is showing no signs of slowing down.

Glenamaddy players, Galway

The Problem
by A.R. Gurney

Wife – Niamh Flanagan
Husband – Michael Tevenan
Producer / Director Ann C Molloy
Lighting Nigel Cassidy
Sound Mary Connolly
Mark Newman
Props Rachel Mc Nally
Stage Crew Mark Newman, John Reilly, Stephen Burke
Synopsis: The Problem” is a comedy of great wit where the wife reveals a shocking secret to her husband only to find that he has some secrets of his own !!! In a very funny dialogue, the couple’s inability to communicate with each other properly keeps bringing them back again and again to ”the problem”. The story has some imaginative swerves along the way with a twist at the end.
Glenamaddy Players: There is a long tradition of drama in Glenamaddy going back to the 1950s with plays being performed locally in the Town Hall. Glenamaddy Players were formed in 1972 and have competed on the full length amateur circuit ever since. The group have enjoyed considerable success in several All Ireland appearances. with plays, such as “Translations”, “The Playboy of the Western World” “The Field” and “Eclipsed. This is their second year back participating on the 1 Act festival circuit.

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