EIRE 32: Open for Applications

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Open your ears to the times we live in.

‘Eire 32’ is a pop songwriting camp open to all, where you will craft a tapestry of pop music envisioning a ‘New Ireland’ crafting a song with your neighbours and community for your county.

Join award winning writer and performer Xnthony and his team of pop song producers for a week-long event in Louth, Donegal, and Wicklow where we invite you and your neighbours to craft pop songs reflecting local dreams, dramas, concerns, and phenomenons.

‘Eire 32’ is about you, we, us. This is about our personal and shared histories. This is about celebrating the sheer nuttiness of life through the totally relatable, totally accessible medium of pop music. Let’s explore possible futures together. Maybe you’ll write a pop song about the price of cabbage. Maybe you’ll write about your fears, aspirations and why you can never remember your Amazon password.

Eire 32

Sounds like a banger to us! Maybe you’ve got a fiddle that needs playing, a guitar that needs strumming. Bring it! Maybe you’ve got a melody you just can’t get out of your head. Bring that too! Either way, it’s up to you and your community. The power of pop lies in your hands.

Here’s how you can get involved: please enquire at your local venue about how to take part in this event. Participation is free. Each event will be facilitated to support your needs as a budding song writer. We will spend time finding a story and lyrics together and by the end of the week, we will have a song (or two).

‘Eire 32’ aims to grow nationwide across 8 years, with the goal of presenting an ambitious, theatrical presentation of 32 songs you create in 2032. Yep, you heard us: 2032.

Funded by Arts Council Ireland, Mermaid Arts Centre, An Grianan, Droichead Arts Centre and Xnthony LTD.


Participants will be chosen from an open call application, which goes live on April 22nd with An Grianan Theatre.

Participants will take part in 2 workshops with Irish musicians and sound designers to create a unique piece of music which reflects their community, before a community showcase on July 6th.

More details at www.xnthony.com/eire32


Applications open: April 22nd

Workshops: July 3rd and 4th from 6pm

Showcase: July 6th at 12pm

Closing date for applications: May 13th.

NB: over 16s only

Press enquiries: for interviews or other information please contact Eire32’s producer Lisa McNally or An Grianán’s Marketing Officer Nicola Burns.

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