A Vampire Story, 2022

An Grianán Youth Theatre's A Vampire Story: Left to right Saoirse Alleyne as Ella, Freya Bonner as Eleanor, Megan Lynch as Claire. Photo by David Faughnan.

An Grianán Youth Theatre, 2 November 2022

Written by Moira Buffini

Directed by Nora Kavanagh

Two young women arrive in a nameless small town. Their names are not their own. They don’t declare their ages. Are they sisters as their assumed identities declare? Or are they mother and daughter? Are they vampires? Or are they troubled young women on the run? As the younger of the two begins to tell her story in class, a strange and ambiguous past is revealed.


Ella – Saoirse Alleyne
Eleanor – Freya Bonner
Claire – Megan Lynch
Clara – Aislinn Devlin
Frank – Cian Donnelly
Briggs/Harriet – Orla Fabisiak
Moon – Elliot Stoneham
Debit/Geoff/Letty – Bonnie Hegarty
Point – Cassie Sheehy
Mint – Yagmur Ekici
Fillet – Kacper Miraszewski
Marianne/Tina – Imogen Mahon
Ruthven – Inan Ekici
Darvell – Eoin McGovern
Bettine – James McCarron


Stage Manager – Laramie Carey
Production Manager/Lighting Design – Niall Cranney
Costumes/Set Design – Nora Kavanagh
Production Photos – David Faughnan
Marketing – Nicola Burns
Admin – Laura Ferry, Helene McMenamin

agyt.a.vampire.story .cast-An-Grainan
Front left to right: Bonnie Hegarty, Cian Donnelly, Orla Fabisiak, Imogen Mahon, Freya Bonner, Nora Kavanagh, Laramie Carey
Back left to right: Eoin McGovern, Aislinn Devlin, Saoirse Alleyne, Yagmur Ekici, James McCarron, Megan Lynch, Inan Ekici, Elliot Stoneham, Kacper Miraszewski, Cassie Sheehy, Nicola Burns. Photo: David Faughnan.

This amateur production of “A Vampire Story” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd. www.concordtheatricals.co.uk

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